If it lovely stranger at the pal’s housewarming party lets you know he’s a neurologist, you should not compose him down as “as well smart” or “as well busy” for really love. (truly, will there be any such thing as “as well wise”? Minds tend to be breathtaking.) Allow the guy an opportunity.

Here are 15 reasons why you should date a neurologist:

1. Neurologists tend to be “brainy.” Smart is actually gorgeous. So can be puns.

2. Unlike that period you dated a stand-up comedian, the big date’s job will impress both friends and family plus parents.

3. Sick of internet dating deadbeats whom can’t spend their unique means? Neurologists make good live, and a lot of have job protection.

4. Neurologists are performing the things they love. It will take plenty of schooling — generally a four-year undergrad, four-year healthcare degree, and three-year residency — to become a neurologist. Therefore not only is the date super-smart and determined, she or he is probably in industry purposely.

5. Neurologists are committed. See #4.

6. Whilst work may be demanding, changes are typically more reasonable than many other medical professionals’.

7. Even if several hours do get crazy, take into account that your own date may have doing six weeks of getaway time.

8. Think the stats: based on a MedScape Lifestyle Report, neurologists are minimum most likely of doctors to get separated.

9. Neurologists are doing crucial, challenging and rewarding work. They can be happy with their work.

10. Your go out are capable of life’s hard material. Neurologists are often dealing with challenging things and splitting unfortunate news with their patients.

11. Neurologists invest their times wanting to assist people, ideally alleviating pain and curing neurologic conditions.

12. Wish some body with a fantastic “bedside way”? Your own date is probable in a position to communicate difficult things plainly and tragic things compassionately.

13. Neurologists are interesting, consistently engaged in study. They wish to discover how circumstances work.

14. Want to understand how your head really works? Just ask. Related: your own time will be empathetic any time you terminate considering a migraine.

15. Neurologists are great problem-solvers. Unanswered concerns are a challenge, perhaps not a stumbling block.

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